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Porcea Indus

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Porcea Indus

Porcea Indus is a brand new addition to our growing lineup of the Porcea Elite Collection for 2021. This product is so NEW and so HOT from the kiln, that you won’t find it easily on display and it’s not even in our catalogs (yet!).

Porcea Indus is a close alternative to Venetian Gray, Cascade Limestone, Thermal Bluestone, Indus Valley, and Indus Gray Limestones. All of these natural stone products have unique challenges including staining from rust (Venetian Gray), lack of availability (Cascade), and a general lack of charm (Thermal Bluestone).

Porcea Indus solves all of these problems and packs a real punch. A sandblasted texture with a light grey colour tone that is stain-resistant and maintenance-free. The colour tone is lighter than our Porcea Moongrey, with a very subtle off-grey colour tone. The fleuri and shells found on this premium outdoor porcelain paver are both charming and subtle, allowing for an extremely premium and modern design profile. When a landscape architect is looking to specify a modern stone or a high-end designer/contractor is in search of a clean and modern product, there’s no hesitation when they choose Porcea Indus for their project.

Like all of Porcea Stone’s Elite Collection of outdoor porcelain tiles, this paver is Designed for North America. It is anti-slip with a surface finish and texture that is identical to Porcea Moongrey and the rest of our premium collection.


Low water absorption
Freeze-thaw resistant
Maintenance Free
Anti-Slip & High Traction
Resistant to UV Fading
Colour Code
Available Dimensions
2 cm – 60×90 cm (24×36”)
L-Coping - 2 CM - 30x90xH5 CM (12x36”)
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