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Porcea Rio Black

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Porcea Rio Black

Kota Black is a limestone from India. The dark black colour of this product along with the economical price point has made it one of the most popular natural stone products for landscape application today. The biggest challenge found with this natural is that fades from exposure to UV. While you can seal the natural stone to bring back the original black colour, the challenge is the constant and ongoing maintenance.

Porcea Rio Black aims to solve exactly that challenging problem. Similar to all other outdoor porcelain tiles by Porcea Stone, this product does not have pores which means two things:

  1. You cannot seal it
  2. You do not need to seal it

The very dark black colour will maintain the aesthetic and look in the long run, and will not substantially fade (if at all) from UV. The Porcea Rio Black is a replica of a high-end exotic Brazilian black slate which offers far more of a premium aesthetic than the Kota Black limestone. The subtle veining and texture is designed to provide more of a natural stone look.

Pavers available in-stock. Copings, steps and custom pieces available upon request.


Low water absorption
Freeze-thaw resistant
Maintenance Free
Anti-Slip & High Traction
Resistant to UV Fading
Colour Code
Available Dimensions
2 CM – 40×120 CM (16×48”)
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