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Porcea Blanco Beige

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Porcea Blanco Beige

Introducing Porcea Blanco Beige, a captivating addition to Porcea Stone's concrete collection. This innovative product line replicates the contemporary appeal of structural concrete, which has become a prominent trend in modern residential and commercial projects. While porcelain outdoor paving is still relatively new to North America, the enduring presence of poured concrete for centuries has inspired this exceptional creation.

While clients often gravitate towards the allure of natural stone or wood, the aesthetic benefits of poured concrete cannot be overlooked. Porcea Blanco Beige, an outdoor porcelain paver, captures the timeless elegance of classic white and gray concrete. Its surface exhibits a sleek, consistent texture and tone, reflecting the inherent beauty of this versatile material.

Though Porcea Blanco Beige features minimal surface texture, it is remarkably suitable for areas experiencing snowfall or heavy rain, as it possesses an R11 traction rating. This ensures secure footing and enhanced safety even in adverse weather conditions.

At Porcea Stone, our commitment to delivering products tailored for North America remains unwavering. All our outdoor porcelain offerings, including the 2 cm and 3 cm porcelain pavers, are meticulously designed to meet the demands of this region. Rest assured, Porcea Blanco Beige meets or exceeds the R11 traction requirement, ensuring optimum functionality and peace of mind.

We take pride in offering our esteemed customers a comprehensive range of options. Porcea Blanco Beige is readily available as pavers in our stock inventory. For a cohesive and seamless project execution, we also offer copings, steps, and custom pieces upon request. Our goal is to provide a complete solution that caters to your unique design aspirations.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the remarkable beauty and performance of Porcea Blanco Beige. Embrace the sophistication of poured concrete aesthetics while enjoying the exceptional durability and versatility of porcelain. Discover a world of possibilities with Porcea Stone.


Low water absorption
Freeze-thaw resistant
Maintenance Free
Anti-Slip & High Traction
Resistant to UV Fading
Colour Code
Available Dimensions
3 CM – 60×60 CM (24×24”)
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